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I just read read the question for the day, "What is one thing you can count on your family for?" I don't hate my family, not even my dad. I love them all and I would die for them no matter what they did. I know I can count on them for love and I hate the way I want them to be something they're not. I want them to be more loving and more caring. I just realized I said them. I want US to be more loving and caring. I want us to be able to trust each other and be able to say anything or share any problem that we have. I feel as if we can't do that. Especially the children, I feel as if we can't tell our parents how we feel or what we really think about a situation. In a way I feel as if our religion kinda hinders how much of a family we can be. I feel sorry that if I were gay or if one of my brothers were gay we couldn't be able to tell them. I also dislike that I feel as if I have to wait until I am out of this house to be my real self. I feel like that also hinders who I am and my relationships with others. My mother lost her virginity at a young age and I'm sad to say that we haven't even had the "sex" talk and I'm past that age. Now I rely on the outside world for all of my information. I feel that our, the whole family's communication problems started before the parents. I think it may have started with the grandparents and sent down to each generation. Even though all of this sucks, I refuse to let my future family be this way. My family will be able to talk about anything and I will have enough trust to support them in anything. I will love them with everything I have and even more. That is my prayer and that is my future.


I plan to write at least one fanfic about jack and daniel or merlin and arthur or maybe I'll just make someone new???? I love how I am really find out who I am amd what I like.

Writer's Block: Gadget Conundrum
You're going on your dream vacation and you can only take one gadget with you. Camera, music player, cell phone, laptop or something else – what do you bring and why? Which other ones would you miss most?

i would bring my phone because it has music on it and hopefully i can get bars wherever id go. 

Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!
Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

i love it. its alot of fun and a great way to express creativity.

Writer's Block: Old enough!?!
What do you think the lower age limit should be for LiveJournal and other social networks, and why?

i dont think there should be an age limit. its an online journal so if they want to use it they should be able to. but when it comes to all internet sites they should be careful.

Writer's Block: Talk the Talk?
With so many features available on mobile phones, talking is not always everyone’s first priority. What do you use your phone for the most? What features couldn’t you live without?

texting. i love texting and checking my email on there. i couldnt possibly have a phone that couldnt do that.

Writer's Block: Nirvana
What is your favorite place in the world? What makes it so meaningful to you? How often do you visit or imagine being there?

My fave place right now is my mind. Its the only safe place for me where i have total control of who experiences it.

Writer's Block: Pet central
Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

i agree with this but there are more important things like saving animals and finding them homes.

Writer's Block: TMI
If you had the opportunity to know everything about the person you love, would you take it? Or would you avoid the possibility of getting hurt?

i wouldnt wanna know. id let him tell me only the things he wants me to know.

Writer's Block: Light reading
Some books are inspirational. Others are intellectually stimulating or emotionally comforting. Then there are those juicy, mindless reads that are only good for a plane ride or the beach. Which books or authors fall under this last category?